The Jersey Shore is famous for being home to good strong people. Patience however, has never been one of our strong point, but hey, that's who we are. But since Sandy, we all have to reach down deep and muster as much patience as we can.We'll need that patience for many things. We'll need it as we wait for our power to be restored. I give those crews all the credit in the world. I see them working day and night and I'm appreciative of that.

We'll need patience when getting gas, too. All of a sudden, we all realized that getting gas was going to be a problem and encountered some ridiculously long lines at the few gas stations that were open, and there were reports of some short fuses, to say the least.

And then there's the home improvement stores. Most towns have been buzzing with stories of altercations or near altercations. Tension can get pretty high when you're trying to keep your family warm, but fighting certainly won't solve it.

There are dozens of other examples of the post-Sandy events that will test our patience. Our anger and frustration is certainly understandable, but a good dose of patience will really go a long way in getting through this together.