Elisabetta Villa, Getty Images

If recent rumors pan out, we could see a Snooki-free Seaside after 2012!

According to a report from InTouch Weekly, (which would NEVER print anything other than pure fact, right?), producers told the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" when they arrived in Seaside on May 31 that this season would be the last.

Sure, half of them have spin-off shows now anyway, but as far as I know, none of them take place in our backyard.

And that, my friends, is a-okay with me.

MTV has yet to comment on the situation...*ahem* (sorry), but with Snooki playing Mommy, and The Sitch laying off the booze, the show that everyone came to know and love (to hate) is over.

Sorry fans, nothing lasts forever. Eventually the cast grows up. And besides, remember Saved By The Bell: The College Years? We know how that panned out. No one needs "Jersey Shore: Down and Dirty at 30".

Will you be glad to see them go, or do you think the show has permanently left its mark on Seaside Heights? Share your thoughts below!