It's not just Friday anymore! Just a few years back the dreaded day to drive on the Parkway in the summer was Friday. Anybody who lived here for even a minute knew not to go Parkway South on Friday in the summer and everything will be alright. Not anymore.

Now we're all seeing traffic getting worse and worse on Thursdays. Everybody seems to be trying to get an early start on the weekend. It's making Thursday traffic worse, and for some reason it's not making Friday traffic any better. 

More people are leaving early Saturday morning to head to the shore as well. I've also noticed that some people are staying over at their shore house Sunday night and leaving for work Monday morning, making the Parkway North not only bad on Sunday night, but Monday morning as well.

So, now summer traffic can pop up on Thursday, Friday,Saturday, Sunday or Monday. And that's just the Parkway. Great.