According to a new report a Jersey town ticketed 222 drivers for speeding within the course of over a year. Out of that 222, only 2 were from that actual town.


The location in question is the town of Helmetta; in Middlesex County. Helmetta has become famous statewide for having some of the worst speed traps in the state.

We all know of those roads in Monmouth and Ocean counties that you can't take a chance on. If you're going 36 in a 35, you're going to get nailed. For me, don't even think about going a mph over on Chambers Bridge Road in Brick. That's in addition to the red light cameras. In Monmouth county, I hear stories about Englishtown and Browns Mills all the time.

While I realize that speed limits are setup for our safety...I'm sorry I can't. Sure, safety plays a SMALL part. Towns also abuse their power to make major money. Reckless driving is not acceptable, but these speed traps are getting ridiculous.

TELL US! Where is the worst speed trap in Monmouth and Ocean counties? Let us know about the ones you're aware of and we'll pass them along. Comment below.