Ian Gavan, Getty Images

Jessie J is a coach on the UK version of "The Voice" says kids shouldn't be put through the auditions and ridicule that comes along with singing competitions.

Of course, Simon Cowell's "X-Factor" and "Britiain's Got Talent" do allow kids to compete and has led to some uncomfortable moments, most notably the surprise elimination of Rachel Crow and her heartbreaking reaction to the news.

Personally, I agree with Jessie J. If you want the younger kids to sing, have a separate category for them at least, so they aren't competing with people twice or three times their age, and In most cases, with a ton more experience on stage.

When I read at msn.com that Jessie J says there are times that the crowd is laughing at kids during 'Britain's Got Talent", my heart broke. Doesn't sound right to me. I know that it's their choice to be on the show, but come on.

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