Just when I was starting to get bored with the American Idol judges saying basically the same thing to each contestant, along comes Jimmy Iovine to tell it like it is. At the peak of Idol's success, I think the charm of the show was hearing from a judge who wasn't  afraid to say exactly what was on his (and our) mind. And that's why the show hasn't been the same since Simon left.

Don't get me wrong, I think the Idol judges are very likable and very watchable, but sometimes they sugar coat their opinions. I'm a huge fan of Steven Tyler, but everybody's performance can't be 'beautiful', can it Steven? And Jennifer Lopez can't help but be a sweetheart, and that's ok as long as there's somebody there to be brutally honest, and that's what Jimmy Iovine did last night. He gives the judges a chance to be as supportive as they want to be, while still giving the show some balance. And not a moment too soon! I think more Jimmy, and less of the same old stuff, gives Idol a chance to reverse some sinking ratings.