Jon Bon Jovi made a wish come true for a 10 year old New Jersey boy battling cancer when he surprised the youngster with a visit to a visit to his lemonade stand.

Mario Carpino, who was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumors six years ago, puts together an annual Alex's Lemonade Stand fundraiser in his town of Swedesboro. He saw Bon Jovi on TV and told his mom he wanted him to visit his Alex's Lemonade Stand. When his mother told him it wasn't possible because Jon Bon Jovi is a superstar, Mario's response was that he was a superstar too, according to

When Jon showed up, at first Mario thought it was an impersonator. When he was convinced he wasn't he gave the New Jersey rocker a big hug. Bon Jovi told Mario that his son had seen the Facebook page Mario's mom had created to try to make the visit happen and he had the event on his calendar for months, according to the article.

Jon Bon Jovi spent an hour with the young man, and even gave Mario one of his favorite hats. Hey Jon Bon Jovi, you ROCK for doing this amazing thing for a great kid. Just a few minutes of your time could make a difference in the life of a kid, and you made it happen. Awesome!