I have walked out of the house very early and into bitter cold many times in my career, but this morning ranks up there as one of the most bitter cold I can ever remember.

At the start of the morning show today, the temperature was an unbelievable 5 degrees, but the wind chill clocked in at 19 below. I'm not exactly sure what 19 below should feel like, but somehow, it felt colder to me.

Any exposed skin was instantly uncomfortable, and even though the temperature gauge in my car was telling me it was warmed up, it really never felt warm, through my entire 20 minute trip to the studios .Climatologists say a cold this gripping only comes around in our area once or twice in 20 years.

I try not to sound like a nag or preach things to you that you've heard a thousand times, and I usually don't, but this morning I'm willing to take that chance. So, stay indoors if at all possible, and if you can't, bundle up like you work at the North Pole, because today you pretty much do, at least for a day or so. Today's high is expected to be about 11 and there's a wind chill advisory in effect for our area.