Justin Bieber's behavior has been immature and crazy lately, but his latest stunt has crossed the line.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

According to TMZ, Justin and his friends "the Wild Kidz" were leaving a nightclub through the kitchen when he decided to forget the bathroom and relieve himself in a mop bucket.

Not only is it disgusting, but what about the employees of the establishment who have to use that mop bucket. Total disregard for anyone other than JB. That's proven by the fact that he utters "you'll forever remember that" while urinating. Really?

It's unclear whether Bieber was the one who was caught saying this on the video, but towards the end someone in the posse utters "who stole my beer?"

So many kids look up to Bieber and I think it's time we rethink if it's wise that our children are idolizing an idiot.

Just because one is rich and famous doesn't give one the right to do whatever one wants, wherever one wants and get away with it. Obviously, the Biebs hasn't gotten that talk yet. Or maybe he has and doesn't care. PR damage control will have this mess cleaned up soon (no pun intended) and the pop music world will go on as normal.