Apparently, the only thing healthier than the food Katy Perry eats is the list of demands she has when she appears for a show.

According to, who got their hands on Katy's list of demands for a recent show at Caesar's Palace in Vegas, and the list is long, and healthy. For backstage catering, Katy demands the following; fresh veggies at all times (including celery, beets, broccoli and kale), a vegetarian option on the dinner menu, including couscous, two large fruit baskets with one required to be tropical, and all food must be low fat, and nothing can contain MSG.

And then there's the list for Katy's personal dressing room. It better be stocked with organic fruit (sliced pineapple is a must), fresh guacamole and a big bowl of hummus, dried figs and fresh cut veggies. And Katy would like to wash that down with some Pinot Grigio, so have two bottles ready, as well as one Argentine Malbec!

So if you were thinking about hiring Katy for your next birthday party or business event, make sure you have a friend at the produce department of your local grocery store.