It's common sense for most dog owners...but worth repeating how to keep your dog safe in the summer heat. Here are some things you may not know:The Ocean County Health Department is reminding you to try and keep your pets indoors in the air conditioning during this heat.

Of course your pet should always have access to fresh, cool water when it's hot out. And of course your pet should NEVER be left in a car during the heat...but here are some other things you may not know:

-- If your dog is overheating, don't give it ice water since that will constrict blood vessels.

-- If you suspect overheating in your dog, the signs are panting, a bright red tongue or gums, staggering or acting confused, vomiting, or bloody stool. TAKE YOUR PET TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY IF YOU SEE THESE SIGNS.

-- If you haven't taken your dog to a pool, lake, or the ocean, don't assume that all dogs automatically know how to swim. Not all dogs can swim!