After seven years of development the ten mile pipeline project in Middletown that's been creating traffic nightmares in Lincroft and surrounding areas...this evening you can do something special with your kids! A 'teachable moment', if you will.

After all the times you've been stuck in traffic with the kids because of NJ American Water's water pipeline project, now you can take your children to see up close what it was all about.

The final stretch of pipe in the vast network will be on display tonight at the Lincroft Fire House. Local kids will be signing the pipe before it's placed in the ground. Sort of like a time capsule for the future.

The 20-million dollar water pipeline will be operational during the first week of June in Middletown. The Vice President of Engineering for NJ American Water says it will increase efficiency and will be well worth it despite all the detour signs you had to endure.