If your kids spend more time playing with their food instead of eating it, it may not be all that bad, at least not according to a recent study.

Turns out that as your kids are playing with their food, they're actually learning. The study, out of the University of Iowa, and reported at huffingtonpost.com says that kids who play with their food actually pick up the words associated with those items faster.

The study also says that children sitting in high chairs also aids in learning. Apparently kids in high chairs learned the items faster than kids sitting at the table. The connection, apparently is that it's easier for the kids in high chairs to make their educational food mess than it would be for a child at a table.

So, before you discourage the mess, consider the findings of this study. I wonder if it works for adults? I'm pretty sure my life won't see the advantages of me giving it a try. And I'm pretty sure the highchair isn't the right look for me anymore.