When a fight between Lady Gaga and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton played out on Twitter, it went from bitchy to creepy REAL fast.

The drama has been unfolding for days but hit a new level of crazy on Sunday afternoon that lasted into the night.

It all started on Sunday when Gaga's fans (who were apparently camped outside of her apartment) spotted Hilton in her apartment building. They tweeted the news to her, which led her to freak out, asking for photos as proof, and calling security on him.

She claims he's stalking her (but the fans outside your place aren't?), and that he's sent her nasty and 'psychotic' text messages.

He says that he was simply apartment hunting yesterday and is not a stalker, but that, 'The truth will all eventually come out. It usually does!'
Her fans responded to Hilton by tweeting to him that they wanted to kill him and his newborn son, along with other downright harrassing words I won't repeat here. Examples?

Gaga has since deleted all of her tweets on the incident, focusing now on today's premiere of her new music video. (How convenient to drum up all this publicity via a feud when trying to promote something!!)

The whole thing was unbelievable to watch when you remember that these are two GROWN ADULTS. People, overly dramatic statements and feuds of ANY kind are never okay on social media. It's way too awkward.

That said, I doubt this is over...grab the popcorn folks, this is WAY better than any episode of 'Real Housewives'!

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