There are plenty of posts listing all the ways you know you're from Jersey, the best things about the Garden State, North vs. South Jersey, etc...

This list is the most spot-on of any NJ list I've seen.

Toniann Antonelli

Stephanie Petit of Thought Catalog wrote '14 Things New Jersey Does Better' and it's perfect.

She highlights everything from our stellar beaches to the rides at Great Adventure to Beat the Clock nights at Bar A, concerts at PNC Bank Arts Center, and more...she totally nails it.

There's specific mentions about the seemingly underappreciated wonder that is NJ bagels and pizza. (Trust me, I went to school out of state, and every time I came home, all I ever wanted was a real bagel and a slice of pizza. It's unreal what passes for those things in Central PA.)

She talks about our REAL celebs, "Famous figures are practically bred here. Demigod Bruce Springsteen, legend Bon Jovi, screen icon Meryl Streep... You're welcome, world."

I love it. Team Jersey!

Read her post by clicking HERE.

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