I was invited to a night out to have some quality girl-time with some friends at a 'paint and sip' place. Here's how it went.

I met my friends Eslin and Lea at Uncorked on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park, where Cathy, an artist who works there, was the perfect host. She set us up for an evening of fun, relaxation, and the chance to create our own masterpieces. Wine, beautiful music, munchies, and paint brushes and canvas...all laid out and ready to play with.

It figures that Lea and I were with Eslin, our close friend, who happens to be a professional artist, so I felt like a 5-year old in comparison. I have zero experience and felt like I was painting more of a cartoon, while she created a beautiful Blue Jay on a winter's day that looked like you could lift it right off the canvas and cuddle it! But it was so much fun anyway!

And it is really cool to be able to have a drink while painting...after all, the name of the place is Uncorked. They provide the wine glasses, you (21+) provide the wine and munchies. You can also get lessons to paint wine glasses, which make excellent gifts. (Lately some people have even been painting nice Christmas ornaments!)

You can even do some gift shopping for unique items while you are there, including items made out of wine corks!

We had a private party, but I hear there are times when the place is packed with friends who are out for a fun evening. And Uncorked is located in the heart of Asbury Park, you can follow up your evening of painting with a nice dinner or drinks at one of the excellent restaurants and bars in the city.

There are kids' classes, bridal showers,bachelorette parties, birthday parties, date nights, Girls' Nights Out, and fundraisers....all kinds of fun events held at this great place!

Uncorked is a privately-owned studio...not one of the chains that you usually see. So it felt extra good to support a small, local business and the artists that work there.

And as I was reminded...this is FUN art...not FINE art. Let the judgement and comparisons go, and just enjoy time well spent with friends in a beautiful environment.

Here's how my painting came out as compared to Eslin (our artist friend) and Lea. We all had our own vision and these paintings express our individuality...although I'd still LOVE to be able to paint as well as Eslin!!!!!

Uncorked is a really fun way to get away from your stress and troubles. Highly recommended! It is located on the south end of the same street (same side) as Taka. For more details, CLICK HERE or call 732-988-WINE.

Here's how my painting came out (I chose to have snow in my background instead of the holly branches).

(Liz Jeressi)

Here is Lea's:

(Lea's painting)
(Eslin's painting -- artist extraordinaire!)
(Liz, Eslin, and Lea)