A 6-year-old Toms River boy was shot in the head by his 4-year-old neighbor while they were playing outside last night.

The boy's condition was recently downgraded to serious condition, and with every hour that passes, there seem to be more questions to ask.

The 4-year-old went into his house, where he was able to grab a .22 caliber rifle, and shoot his neighbor from 15 yards away.

It's unknown if the gun fired accidentally or if the 4-year-old boy fired the gun.

How is a 4-year-old able to get his little hands on a rifle? His parents were reportedly 'nearby,' but apparently not close enough to notice their child was holding a gun.

This picture shows two .22 caliber rifles. How does a 4-year-old get their hands on this? (Brad Holt, Flickr)

Officials aren't saying whether the gun was registered, or if it was stored properly.

I would imagine the parents of the 4-year-old are dealing with enough guilt to last a lifetime (as they should) but should they face criminal charges?

Chances are the 4-year-old doesn't realize what he did, and really, what are you going to do to him?

It all just seems so senseless to me, and entirely preventable.

My thoughts are with both families, and I pray the 6-year-old makes a full recovery.

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