Her book is called "Balance Your Life Balance the Scale" and it was written by a woman from the Monmouth/Ocean County area!

Jennifer Tuma-Young understands women. She totally gets the failures of yo-yo dieting, the madness of 'starting' on a Monday...so she wants you to get away from all that frustration and kick the negative self-talk out of your life. And above all, she wants you to embrace balance and self-care. Imagine that? Taking care of YOURSELF for a change?

Jennifer want to show you how to stop wasting precious time worrying about your weight and has some great ideas about how to become both happy and healthy by nurturing yourself.

She says that regardless of your shape or size, if you are beating yourself up to stay thin or using food for the wrong reasons, she can help.

Jennifer has worked with thousands of women and understands that we rarely give ourselves credit for our strengths. She knows how to help you overcome the everyday obstacles that can throw you off track.

She has spent the past decade researching and developing effective strategies that explore the relations between food, stress, weight, self-love, and happiness to come up with her B.A.L.A.N.C.E. program.

Woman's World magazine has dubbed Jennifer Tuma-Young one of "American's Ultimate Experts." She's also been featured on the Rachael Ray Show.

Visit her online at www.jennifertumayoung.net.

And remember some of Jennifer's words of wisdom when it comes to weight loss: You are capable of more than you know. Everything you need to create the life you want is already within you. So ditch dieting, find balance in life and on the scale, and become a more joyful version of you!

"Balance Your Life Balance the Scale" is available wherever books and e-books are sold.