It's an issue that's causing some friction in my hometown...and I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I'm okay with it.

Students at the Asher Holmes Elementary School in Marlboro are standing in front of the American flag and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance everyday. Then, Marlboro Patch reports, they recite this:

I pledge allegiance to Asher Holmes and the Marlboro Township School District and to the teachers who help us learn, all that we need to know for the future. We promise to respect ourselves and others, to try our best and always be proud of our schools."

I'm good with a daily promise to respect each other...but pledging allegiance to the Marlboro Township School District? As someone who went to Marlboro schools for most of my life, I definitely don't agree with that part.

Pledging allegiance means never going against them. That means you are telling these kids the M.T.S.D. is never wrong, and that they should never challenge the school or the district.

Granted, these are little kids, but think about it:

What if the school suddenly decides everyone has to wear blue shirts. If you pledge allegiance to the school, you'll wear that blue shirt without question, but what if you don't want to wear a blue shirt? What if your little boy or girl wants to wear a green shirt?

What if it's something more important than shirt color?? This is a slippery slope.

Again, I'm all for having children promise to respect themselves and each other. I also believe teachers don't usually get the respect they deserve, and they are putting up with more spoiled brats than ever before, so a pledge to treat the teachers with respect is more than warranted.

I'm definitely not cool with teaching our kids to blindly agree with everything a local governing body says and does.

How do you feel about the "Asher Holmes Pledge"? Share your thoughts below!