Marc Singer is heading back to school in a few weeks, just like every kid in our area, but this is no regular boy.

Marc, a soon-to-be fourth grader at Frank Dugan Elementary School in Marlboro, has created a 'Kidstitution.'

Marlboro Patch reports that he presented it to the Marlboro Town Council last week, calling it 'an anti-bullying document' with 'over 400 signatures from kids and teachers.'

That's impressive work.

So what's in this 'Kidstitution?'

It includes rules like treating parents and teachers with respect. It even has amendments, created with other students in his class, including not telling personal secrets.

The Kidstitution:

We, the children of America, if we want to have a better country, we must agree on things we should do.

  • We must treat our teachers with respect.
  • We must treat our parents with the utmost respect.
  • We should not bully.
  • We should not gossip, and we should share what we want to say.
  • We should not say anything mean about another person, or ourselves.

If we follow these rules, we will have great years ahead to look forward to.


  • We should not blame someone for what they did not do, we should not blame everyone if one person did something wrong.
  • We should not say bad things about what someone else did or what they have.
  • We should not lie about something we don't have to make us cooler. The way you are is the way you are, and nothing can change that.
  • We should not tell on someone if they did something wrong without first saying 'stop.' If you say 'stop,' and they did not stop, then tell a grownup.
  • Personal secrets should not be told.
  • We should not say 'I was joking' if we say something wrong. Think before you say something. Think 'Is this something good that I am about to say?'
  • Other kids cannot be the boss of you. You control you, and no one else.

Marc continues to collect signatures in Marlboro, and plans to eventually bring it to the governor's office, and hopefully, The White House.

If you want to sign Marc's petition, it will be available at the Mayor's tent on Marlboro Day, Sunday, Sept 9th, noon - 5 p.m. at the municipal complex off Wyncrest Rd.

Now if only we could get adults to abide by the same code of conduct!

What do you think of Marc's 'Kidstitution?'