Her name is Audrey Kate Geiger and she's from West Long Branch. First she made it to Hollywood Week on Idol, and now she has made it to the second round of Rising Star on ABC! Let's vote for her!

Audrey Kate grew up in West Long Branch and is a beach kid at heart, but has always wanted to be a performer. She got into theater as a kid and in high school, and auditioned for American Idol when she was only 18...back in 2008. She made it to Hollywood, but got eliminated within the first week.

Audrey Kate has been pursuing a singing and acting career, taking classes, going on auditions, and working in a restaurant (Flute Champagne Lounge and Bar.) She auditioned for Rising Star in April, and has been in LA since mid-June since raising the wall with 84% of the votes on July 6th! That's a big accomplishment and others haven't always raised the bar that high!

Audrey Kate will appear again in the duel rounds this Sunday, July 27th, where she will go head to head with another singer to see who scores higher. She will need your votes to stay in the competition!  If you missed her first appearance, you can CLICK HERE to see it!

Meanwhile, Audrey Kate has been meeting with the mentors: Ludacris, Kesha, and Brad Paisley and she says "This whole thing has been crazy, surreal, and nerve-wracking but most of all, so damned exciting. A dream come true."

In her first appearance on the show, Ludacris called her unique and said that Audrey Kate has something that no one else has. And Brad Paisley described her as a soulful singer. We wish you the best of luck, Audrey Kate!!! Monmouth County is rooting for you!