Lately we've been bringing young girls on the air that have made it onto competition shows for their singing. But now we'd like to shine the spotlight on a girl who is an inspiration and role model because she has already written and published her first book!

Lauren Kehoe grew up in Point Pleasant. She worked hard in school and didn't always have it easy, but she persevered.

And now she has accoomplished something that's on the bucket lists of many adults. Lauren has written and published a book.

Lauren always loved writing and worked on many creative writing projects from childhood through her teenage years. She has dreamed of following her passion, even when naysayers said she might want to have 'something else' to fall back on if she couldn't make a living as an author.

While still in high school at Point Pleasant Borough, Lauren, instead of putting off her dreams and 'just' being practical, started writing a book. She finished while carrying a full course load at Ocean County College and holding down several part time jobs.

For a girl who was once shy and introverted...a girl who felt plenty of stress in trying to find her way through high accomplish something so rewarding sets a wonderful example for our young children as we try to get them to appreciate reading and writing...a skill so important for high school, college, and beyond.

You can meet Lauren at a book signing at BookTowne on Main Street in Manasquan on February 21 at 7:00 pm, where she will spend some time reading an excerp from her book, answering questions and signing your copies of the book.

Lauren Kehoe's book is called The Numb and is a dystopia about a world where everyone is given vitamins to take each day. Nobody questions this, or so it seems, until the main character, Vic, decides not to take his vitamins one day. Turns out those vitamins are designed so that no one feels any emotion towards other living creatures. That's right -- no anger, envy, love, jealousy, etc. Vic goes on to discover his love for a dog that he rescues, and that there are indeed others who are hiding their emotions in a society where those pesky feelings are outlawed.

This book took me and both of my boys on an adventure. It's a real page-turner along the lines of Hunger Games (without the kids getting into an arena to kill each other.) I think this book (and hopefully the sequel that we are hoping Lauren writes) will make for a great story on the big screen! It's a great read for adults and teenagers.

You can order the book through Amazon, or you can get it at BookTowne the day of the book signing, Friday, Feb. 21, 2014, at 7 pm.. Call Booktowne to register for the book signing while there is still space availalbe, 732-722-7255! My boys and I will see you there!