A  44- year- old father from Wayside needs a transplant....and the NY Jets are trying to help.

Michael Manganiello has been diagnosed with a rare condition which causes the bone marrow to progressively scar and become unable to produce blood cells. It is aggressively advancing in his body and his survival depends on quickly finding a matching bone marrow donor. The father of three (and avid Jets fan) had his life turned upside down when he began experiencing fatigue while running and an irregular heartbeat earlier this spring. When his wife forced him to go to the emergency room, tests confirmed the scary diagnosis.

Now they are racing against time to get Michael the right care and treatment. His wife, meanwhile, has been working to keep her husband's heating and air conditioning supply company in Neptune afloat while managing a retail store in Shrewsbury and taking care of three children 5-years-old and under.

"Match for Michael" was held recently by the Jets in Eatontown that added over 400 new people to the national bone marrow registry. Registering for the National Marrow Donor Program is as easy as taking a cheek swab, and bone marrow donation is now a less invasive procedure. The majority of the time it is done via a non-surgical donation and donors can usually resume normal activities within a week.

Visit www.MatchforMichael.com or www.BeTheMatch.org for more information on helping the Manganiello family or becoming a donor.