After a fire destroyed a family's livelihood, they're hoping a fundraiser will help them get back on their feet.

Sisters Ellen DeLisio and Debbie Savvis have owned Colonial Coffee Shoppe on Rt. 9 in Howell since 2005. The restaurant has been open for about 50 years.

On Monday, June 23rd, after the shop had closed for the day, a fire broke out, spreading to two adjacent businesses, and causing extensive damage.

Between the fire itself, and contamination from smoke, ash, and debris, the entire store will need to be gutted and completely rebuilt.

Ellen DeLisio's daughter Paige DeLisio told me via e-mail that, 'Per recent estimates, the cost of the damage will far exceed what the store will receive from insurance.'

The younger DeLisio, along with her cousins Danielle and Raquel Savvis, decided to put together a fundraiser because they knew they 'needed to do something as daughters to lessen the burden on [their] parents in this difficult time.'

Rather than ask for outright donations, they created t-shirts to sell. They are being sold for $13 each, with all proceeds going to the family to help them rebuild the Aldrich Plaza store.

'This would allow our ever loyal customers an opportunity to contribute to the cause and have a piece of our restaurant with them in the t-shirt design. The front of the shirt has our traditional logo, and the back says 'Part of the Colonial Family' which is exactly what they are!'

DeLisio added that most of the customers are 'regulars,' and that 'this restaurant is honestly everything to our family.'

Both families are looking forward to reopening the restaurant and serving the local community as they have for years.

If you'd like to help out, you can order t-shirts through their Facebook page by clicking HERE. You can also call 732-367-0266 for more information.