If I left it up to my boys, they would never leave the beach!

Sunday was a picture-perfect beach day in Manasquan. We headed down to the beach with our backpack chairs, towels, and friends at noon right after high tide peaked. Low but frequent and mild waves, decently warm water, clear skies, and lots and lots of sunshine kept the boys in the water for, oh, about five hours straight.

Then they started on the sandcastles, hunting for sand crabs, badminton games, and playing on the swings. They showed no indication of heading home for dinner any time soon.

In fact, the only way to actually drag them off the beach was with the promise of heading back out for ice cream after dinner.

Oh, to be a kid on summer vacation. There is no thought of having to do laundry, pay bills, go to work or any of the other mundane and tiresome things that adults have to stress over. They just don't realize how good they have it!

Why can't childhood last forever?