I went to Freehold Raceway to promote open space and reminding everyone how important the equine industry is to our local economy, and oh yeah, I was hoping top win a harness race this past Saturday.

I trained for this race for years (alright weeks...fine...minutes) and I was ready to go up against my friend and co-worker Ray Rossi from our sister station New Jersey 101.5. Last year I raced Liz and scored my first win as a harness race driver, and I knew it was going to be tough to keep my record undefeated.

The race began as we sprinted behind the gate, and to my shock, we were going nearly full speed, something we didn't even come close to doing last year.  The thing that surprised me about the speed was mostly that I wasn't screaming at the top of my lungs in fear. It was an awesome, smooth and exciting ride!

I spent most of the race in the lead, but in the end Ray pulled ahead and won by a nose. So my record drops to 1-1, but at least I'm still undefeated against morning show competitors.

The Open Space Pace was a huge success and there was a awesome crowd. The day started with a wonderful parade an wound up with a terrific Southside Johnny concert...and the weather was great for the whole day!

I hope you get al the information on the what the day was all about by visiting the Open Space Pace website.