We like to tell pet stories on Thursday on the morning show, since it's the day we feature the Pet of the Week. This one's from Tokyo, but it's so unbelievable it has to be shared!

  Apparently, a few days ago a womans' parakeet escaped from the house. any pet owner cringes at the thought of it. It's like a nightmare. This one has a happy ending though.

Turns out, according to The Telegraph, when this parakeet made it's escape it wound up a a hotel, where it landed on a guest's shoulder. The hotel let the police know, and they took the bird away and put it in a cage at the police station. No one knew the bird could speak at all until it started repeating the same thing over and over again.

What was it repeating? You guessed it. It was repeating it's exact address. The parakeet is safe and at home now. Whenever you think you're smarter than your pet, remember this story!