He says it's not his fault. He says he had nothing to do with it. But I see him hiding behind his microphone grinning and enjoying every picture of himself.

I came back from vacation on Monday, walked into the studio, and immediately rolled my eyes. Because covering every wall and surface on 'my side' of the studio were pictures of Lou Russo.

There should be a limit to just how much a co-host has to see her 'other half', and we go to great lengths to block our view of each other while we're doing our morning show so that we're not spending the morning look having to look at each other.

Except that now, some 'funny' co-worker thought it would be really funny to wallpaper the studio with Lou Russo shots.

Of course, Lou is eating it up. So I don't have the heart to take down his pictures. Besides....now staff members have taken to marking up the pictures with comments that I cannot publish here in case your kids are reading this!

Maybe someday I'll get him back and he'll walk in to find a roomful of me. Bet he won't be grinning then!