It's pretty simple. If you are supposed to water a plant once a week, and you water it five days in a row, you're watering it too much. Easy, right? Unless if your name is Liz.

You see, Liz (who hasn't kept a plant or flower alive for more than three days once in her life) wouldn't listen to me (who cares for over 150 plants and flowers in my garden) and decided to take it upon herself to take our adorable desk plant and drown it with Liz love, and way too much water. Liz touched it on a Monday. By that Friday it had all but drowned. It is currently dead.

After the crime, she then had the audacity, as you may have read to blame me!! ME!! Oh Lizzie...nice try. You better take that green thumb of yours and hitch a ride back to reality. If you want to enter the world of gardening, I have 4 words for you. Ch Ch Ch Chia.