The Point Morning Show recently spent some time talking about love at first sight and some loyal Point listeners told us their stories.

I have always been skeptical about 'love at first sight' and a new study confirmed what I thought: which is that LAFS (Love At First Sight) doesn't really exist.

Sure there can be some physical signs that you are attracted to someone when you first meet them, but that is not the same as LOVE.

Well, Lou Russo COMPLETELY disagreed with me and that study, and for good reason! Because it was DEFINITELY love at first sight when he met his wife Diane eleven years ago just about this time of year.

(Diane and Lou Russo, photo by Liz Jeressi)

Even more adorable, Diane called to say to Lou that it was "Love at first SOUND" when she first heard him on the radio. How SWEET is that?!

And then some wonderful Point listeners started sharing their stories. Here are a few...

Meloday from Toms River (in the photo frame above) says "I knew when I first met Jesse that I would marry him...and he was a blind date! We've been together now for 24 years!"

Melissa from Jackson, pictured here, says she was only a 17 year old kid when she saw her future husband working on his Camaro, and she knew he would be hers! She is now married 25 years with 6 adopted kids. She is still in love and says scientists know nothing about love at first sight!

(Photo from Melissa Urso)

And then there's Ken and Grace from Howell, pictured below. Ken says "Just for the record, when I met Grace 35 years ago rollerskating, I knew right then and there she would be my best friend for life, so whatever that study says is stupid!"

(Photo courtesy of Ken McKeel) much love in the air! Was it love at first sight for you and your spouse?