It's the second largest Halloween parade in the world and an annual tradition for the Jersey Shore. But, a big change is coming to the Toms River Halloween parade.


I grew up in Toms River and trick-or-treating was always a bit different because we did it the day before Halloween so everyone could go to the parade Halloween night. Now there's no more confusion.

Effective this year, the parade will happen on the Saturday before Halloween. This year, that would be Saturday October 26th.

This makes a ton of sense because now trick-or-treating in Toms River happens on Halloween and we can all enjoy the parade without having to worry about school or work the next day.

decktheholidays, Flickr

Neighboring towns can also take part, not having to choose trick-or-treating on the 31st or checking out the parade. The Toms River Police Chief says this change is likely to make the event "regional" as opposed to "local."

With Sandy canceling last year's parade and the new Saturday date, expect this year's event to be bigger than ever. You may want to get your chairs in place on Main Street early.


Halloween Parade on Main Street: Saturday October 26th

Trick-or-treating:  Thursday October 31st

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