Most women have a beautiful picture in their minds of what the moment of her proposal might be like, but it's safe to say that not many imagine it this way.

An Oklahoma man took his girlfriend to a Christmas event in town and planned on proposing to her there. He had the ring in his pocket and was preparing to pop the question.

What he didn't count on was local police had a plan of their own for the evening. They planned on arresting him for an outstanding warrant. Moments before he planned to propose, the cops swept in and handcuffed him.

He leaned over to an officer and told him about his planned proposal and asked the cop if he could still do it. According to, the officer said he could, but he couldn't take the handcuffs off.

So to help out, the officer even reached into the guy's pocket to get the ring for him. The man proposed, and his adoring girl said yes. Right out of a romance novel.

The man, Justin Harrel of Elk City, Oklahoma, was arrested "for outstanding warrants for obtaining cash and/or merchandise by bogus check" according to the article.