Back in February, I wrote a post about a guy who put his entire resume on a candy bar wrapper. I also included my own story of getting noticed in a highly competitive field by introducing the "shoe resume." A few weeks later I received a call from a Today Show producer who read the article and invited me up to 30 Rock to talk about it. On Thursday the 7th, NBC sent a car to pick me up and drop me off here.

30 Rock (photo: Matt Ryan - Townsquare Media)

I went upstairs to the Today Show production headquarters to meet Jenna Wolfe in her office, which actually doubles as a studio. Half of it is a normal office and the other half is a mini-studio with the lights and a cameraman ready to roll.

Jenna was very nice and made the whole experience easy. She's a real pro and also hilarious.

Jenna Wolfe's feet smell like roses. (photo: Matt Ryan Townsquare Media New Jersey)
Jenna Wolfe and Matt Ryan prepping for the interview (photo: Matt Ryan/Townsquare Media New Jersey)

Overall, it was a surreal experience that I thank Jenna, her staff and NBC for letting me be a part of. Here's the segment that I was featured in.