Meet "Annie" from Arlington, Virginia.  She's making headlines for having the World's largest breasts. But, much controversy surrounds this story.

"Annie" has size 102 ZZZ breasts. They weigh almost 85 pounds! The cause of this abnormality is gigantomastia, a slow progressive growth of breast tissue and fat tissue. She has suffered from this condition her entire life. Why not get a reduction? "Annie" says: "Why fix something that is not broken?"

Before you start to feel bad for "Annie," she has used her breasts to make money. Her alter ego "Norma Stitz" has starred in over 250 pornographic films. She says the fame is worth the stares and shoulder and back discomfort.

Watch a preview of an upcoming special featuring "Annie."

Her story will be featured on TLC's "Strange Sex" Sunday July 15th at 10 p.m.

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