Every time you drive by a gorgeous mansion on the ocean along the Jersey shore or a huge yacht, or whatever it is you'd love to have for your very own, the first thing you say to yourself is, "It could never happen." Then you hear about a huge Mega Millions jackpot like there is tonight and you stop for a second and think, "Well....there is one way!" And then you daydream.

I think knowing there's a jackpot out there that you COULD win lets you, in your mind, be in that house or on that boat for just a minute or two, and that's a few more minutes than you ever expected! I spend $5 or more on lunch, and that sandwich or slice of pizza never makes me feel like a millionaire, not even for a minute. So I'm going to get a ticket or two today. Do I think I'll win...no, but I'd never forgive myself if the winning ticket happened to get sold at my local store! After all, that yacht deserves an owner like me!