I bet it's happened to you a few times already. Somebody comes up to you to ask if you want to contribute for some group Mega Millions tickets. Lots of people in offices around Monmouth and Ocean Counties are coming together to try to strike it rich. Many neighbors are making their way up and down the block to see who wants in on some Mega Millions tickets, and why not? With a record jackpot of about $540 million, you have to give yourself a chance, right?

The thing I find hysterical about this Mega Millions phenomenon is what groups are coming together. Think about it. Co-workers and neighbors are forming these groups. Pretty ironic, since the first two things most people would do if they hit the lottery is quit their job and move. Of course being in a group that purchased a Mega millions ticket also helps sharpen our math skills since we'll be spending the whole work day today trying to figure out what $540 million divided by 16 minus taxes is! That's a math problem that would be nice to have, right? Good luck!