I have been a guy my whole life, and I never knew how picky guys can be about a first date. Guys are apparently very concerned about promptness and appropriate attire. Really?

Really. Among the things guys told msn.com bother them on a first date is the girl being late. According to these guys, it conveys a lack of importance. These guys say call or text even if you're only going to be five minutes late. Wow. That's a little high maintenence for a first date, wouldn't you say guys?

Then the article says women shouldn't dress inappropriately. I agree with that, but then check out this quote, "Just because he's salivating doesn't mean he 'likes' your attire". What? For the guys I know, that's exactly what it means.

One complaint the guys had that I completely agree with is paying too much attention to your phone. You don't have to check each text and email you get while you're on a date. Of course this rule is suspended if you have kids. Of course you want to be sure everything is ok every minute and a good guy will certainly understand that. 

I only have one more question. When did guys start having so many rules? And whoever told guys they make the rules on a first date may have been working with some faulty data.