The idea of just hopping on the Parkway and driving to your destination without giving a thought to what time it is or what day it is are over for a while. This weekend we open our doors to the word. It's summer at the Jersey Shore.

We all know how important this summer is to all of us, especially business owners here at the shore. We want it to be an amazing season so businesses can do well and jobs will be available. It's such an important part of our recovery.

So this summer when out of state drivers do 40 in the left lane or cut you off or negotiate a jug handle like it's a science experiment, we won't get upset. Alright, we probably will get upset a little. After all it is Jersey, and that's what we do, but it will be a little different this summer.

This summer when we get aggravated at tourist type driving, we'll do it with a smile in our heart. it may not look like it at the moment, but we will truly be appreciating their visit, and their business.

So, tourists, here are a few things to remember. We are trying to be as ready as we can be for the summer, we do appreciate you visiting AND the left lane is for passing only. Thank you.