Mondays are usually the day you get to work and remember all the stuff you left all over your desk on Friday, and while there is certainly a down side to that messy desk, experts are now saying recent research has uncovered good news for messy desk people.

The news, according to, is not all good, however. People placed in front of neat desks seemed to be more willing to be charitable and tended to make healthier eating choices.

But, when it came to the people sitting at messy, unorganized desks, it seemed the creativity and ideas began to flow. According to the research, the number of ideas coming from messy desk people and neat desk people were about the same, but the messy desk ideas were judged to be more creative and interesting.

So, there is a down side to that messy desk, but if you want to be creative, maybe you shouldn't clean it up just yet. For me, I apparently am charitable and a good eater at my desk, but I can promise you car is very creative.