The mother of missing Clark teen Kara Alongi tearfully pleads for her return in a video released on the Star Ledger website.

Kara Alongi (R) (Facebook)

Sitting in daughter Kara's room surrounded by stuffed animals, Kim Alongi pleads,  "Kara, please call us. Let us know you’re safe. We want you home. No matter what, we just want you home."

Kara's plan may have been put into motion on Sunday afternoon when she told her mom she didn't feel good and didn't want to go to her brother's hockey game. "She had a headache, so she told me she was going to lay down," Kim told the Star Ledger. "When I left, she was resting in her bed with a headache."

Kara tweeted that an intruder had entered her home, setting off a firestorm of concern. Clark Police say she sent that message while waiting for a train to New York at the Rahway station.

"This was totally out of character," Kim Alongi said. "We had no idea any problems were existent at school … nothing at home. So it’s a total shock."

Kim is concerned for her daughter's well being as she has celiac disease, a condition which makes it difficult for the body to process gluten, a protein commonly found in foods with wheat and other grains.

Police have no further information about Kara's whereabouts.