This is actually our own Matt Ryan, looking a little too comfortable in his mullet, but it reminds me of how my co-host used to look!

Okay so he's either gonna kill me or get back at me badly for even mentioning it, but when Lou and I were working together at WJLK in Asbury Park 24 years ago his hair wasn't too far from Matt's look at our '80s party last night at Jenks!

Not that my perm in the '80s was any better. And I'm sure Lou can, and will, remember far more than I want him to about when we were just out of high school.

But now that these crazy outfits were on display in all their glory at our party last night, here are some things that also should have STAYED in the '80s:

1. Shoulder Pads (what girl wants to look like a linebacker?)

2. Teased hair (it CANNOT be healthy to inhale all that hairspray....and getting the knots out the next morning must be painful!)

3. Leg warmers, Olivia Newton John-type workout g-string spandex bodysuits, and sweatbands. Overkill!

4. Off-the-shoulder. Flashdance is OVER, people.

5. Neon. Too much for my eyes....although it seems to be making a comeback. My neon yellow nailpolish from last night is still glowing back at me as I type this....and it's giving me a headache. Ugh.

Oh....and keep the mullets where they the last century.