The Monmouth County Courthouse in Freehold is being evacuated for the second time in two business days due to people having difficulty breathing.

Some people that came to work today complained of the same issues that were reported Friday, "so they closed the courthouse around 1 o'clock as a precautionary measure," says Bill Hein, public information officer for Monmouth County. "We don't know what the cause is," Hein says.

Rich Mackefy, Vice President of Public Relations at CentraState Medical Center in Freehold confirms that 25 people have been brought to a decontamination tent outside the hospital for treatment of symptons similar those from Friday's evacuation including shortness of breath and rash.

Mackefy says "they don't know" at this point what is causing the problem. They are evaluating each patient and then bringing them into the hospital's main emergency room.

Monmouth County health officials are on location evaluating the situation.

Multiple postings to the Facebook page Jersey Shore Hurricane News report similar symptoms to Friday's evacuation which was attributed to cut flowers in the courthouse.

Following Friday's evacuation of 17 people, county officials said the courthouse would be "thoroughly cleaned" over the weekend and open for business today.