If you live in Monmouth County, you probably think you have a decent knowledge of the history of the area, right? But can you answer the questions in the Monmouth County Name Game?

We found some names of towns around Monmouth County that were used at one time. They may be towns you live or work in right now, but would you know them by the name they used to be known as? Without googling it?Let's find out.

Town #1 is a very popular town under it's current name, but in the 1870's it was known as by another name, at least for a brief period. The name, Shrewsbury City, only lasted three months, from February through May of 1879. What's town #1 known as now?

Let's try another one. Town #2 is a beautiful Monmouth County town, established in February of 1847, but it didn't get it's current name until November of 1962. The name it was originally known as was Atlantic Township. What is Town #2's current name?

So, as hard as I tried to type upside down, I couldn't figure it out, so I'll just give you the answers without the drama. Here they are...Town #1....Red Bank and Town #2 is Colts Neck. if you got them right, good job!