How much do you spend a week on your groceries? $100? $200? More?

One local mom has figured out how to bring home a full cart from the supermarket without spending a dime!

And no, she's not stealing.

Lincroft mom Cindy Livesey appeared on the Rachael Ray Show and showed how she was able to coupon her way to free food for her family.

Livesey runs the website Living Rich with Coupons, where she shares great coupons and daily sales information.

She explains that by stacking coupons, shopping at stores that double coupons, and buying the smallest packages possible, you can get a lot of items totally free...and in some cases even get money back. (Literally getting paid to shop? Sign me up!)

She says organization is key, as is waiting for items to go on sale.

It was pretty cool to see all of the stuff she was able to get without having to take out her wallet.

I try to use coupons, but even if I find ones I actually need or can use, sit and clip them out, and have them ready to go, I'll inevitably leave them sitting on the kitchen counter when I leave for the store.

Cindy, I'm close enough to Lincroft...want to do my shopping for me?

Does it annoy you when someone at the supermarket uses a lot of coupons? Tell us in the comment section below!