The ex-wife and in-laws of a Manchester man, whose body was found in a torched car in Long Branch in 2009, today pleaded guilty to roles in his murder.

Monmouth County Courthouse (Ilya Hemlin, Townsquare Media NJ)

Kathleen Dorsett, formerly married to 42-year-old Stephen Moore, and her father Thomas pleaded guilty to murder. Thomas Dorsett also took a guilty plea to arson for hire. Her mother, Leslie, pleaded guilty to conspiracy.

Prosecutors in Monmouth County Superior Court are recommending 58 years in prison for Kathleen Dorsett, with no parole consideration until 51 years are served.

The former elementary school teacher told the court that she directed Moore to their yard where her father waited to kill him. She admitted helping load his body into the trunk of the car.

Prosecutors are suggesting a 50-year prison sentence for Thomas Dorsett, with parole eligibility after 30 years.

Leslie Dorsett faces a possible prison term of up to eight years, with parole consideration after seven years are served.