When we received the morning show plant as a gift, Liz accepted it and told the person who gave it to us that we would take good care of it. The minute he left she turned to me and said, "You take care of it".

I'm an amateur gardener, so I was glad to do it. I read the little plastic card, and it's instructions on watering it said to keep it dry. I looked it up online and the general instruction was to water it once a week. so that's what I was doing.

The actual plastic instruction card which is still in with the plant. (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)

For the past few days, it didn't look right. Weird, because it was getting the right amount of sun and water...or was it?

Turns out Liz "didn't like the way it looked", and without telling me, started randomly watering it...or as I like to say, drowning it.

So, as happy as I am that Liz will not be here next week, I'm not as happy as that poor plant is.