There are annoying drivers everywhere you turn, but when people were asked in a recent survey who's the most annoying driver they know, the answer was right across the dinner table.

When it comes to annoying drivers, the most annoying is apparently the person you love in sickness and in health, in traffic and on the open road. 36% of people in a recent survey say their spouse is the most annoying driver on the road. Aah, love.

"Friend" came in 2nd with 22%, and "mom" finished third with 16%. How dare you, after all she's done for you! The survey was done by’s and involved 2000 licensed drivers.

The survey also found out the habits that make an annoying driver. Topping that list was tailgating (following too closely), followed by driving too fast and driving too slow.  You can see all of those during the first mile on the Parkway. Actually you can probably see all three on the entrance ramp!

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