There are things that many moms like to have done a certain way around the house. And the funny thing doesn't seem to bother anyone else BUT moms if these tasks don't get done. Here are my explanations for the most dreaded mom tasks:

1. Putting photos in frames. This may be one of the biggest things to stress me out in life! I have an incredible amount of gorgeous vacation photos and photos of the kids. The digital frame is okay, but I have mega wall space and tons of frames and I want to print and display these pictures. But who the heck has time to blow up the shots, get them in frames, and hang them on the walls? So there they sit, in boxes, with NOBODY getting to see them! When I have a rare free day, I'll go online and create a large digital photo book and then display it on my bookcase for company to look through...but I STILL WANT PICTURES ON THE WALLS!!!

2. Matching tupperware lids. This is a problem that was such a pet peeve of mine that I have since solved it for myself. If you're a naysayer to my solution....I don't care. It works for me. I KNOW there's never enough space so everyone likes to consolidate the containers in stacks and leave the lids loose, but I totally prefer to dedicate a cabinet completely to plastic containers WITH THE LIDS ON so that anytime I have to reach for one, I don't have to resort to searching for the matching lid!

-- Pairing Socks. Why is it that, as long as they're white, my boys don't seem to care as much as I do if the two socks they put on their feet are identical? I won't even let my kids fold the laundry for fear they won't match the socks properly! How could you have one all-white sock and one with a grey-tip toe? Seriously!

-- Weeding through clothing. Whether it's because the kids continually outgrow their pants and shirts or whether it's because they'd wear the same shirt every day without caring, I feel the urge to constantly rotate the clothing in their closet and pull out (weekly!) anything that doesn't fit them right anymore. I can't stand having a cluttered closet, or one great shirt that never gets worn because it never gets rotated to the front!

-- Dealing with the kids' artwork. Ugh. This is a tough one. We are all a bit sentimental when it comes to the precious fingerpaintings, coloring, and craft projects that our kids have made for us over the years. But I hate clutter. And, without renting a storage unit to hold our complete family past, I have to use tough love in determining what I will hang on our bulletin board, what I might someday frame, what I will keep in a 'forever bin' and what will immediately get thrown in the trash (when they're not looking, of course!)

-- Organizing the boys' room (or playroom, if you're lucky enough to have one). I know, I know, I should just close the door and not go in there. But I am the neat freak, and it's MY house, and I want it tidy and organized. So once a month or so I will go into the kids' room and find a place for everything that needs to be put away...or, if I'm in a mood where I can't BELIEVE they're not keeping their room clean, throw away anything that I step on......after giving them five minutes to clean it up 'or else'.

I'm sure there are a thousand more little dreaded mom tasks. What are yours?

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