You may have seen some of the national lists, but where does your child's name -- or your own name, for that matter -- rank on the list of the most popular names in our state?

You can check the list for names in NJ from any years from 1910 - 2011. According to the most recent list, the most popluar names for boys are:

5. Jacob

4. Jayden

3. Anthony

2. Ryan

1. Michael.

According the the NJ list, the most recently popular names for girls are:

5. Emily

4. Ava

3. Olivia

2. Isabella

1. Sophia

What a big difference from the most popular baby names in NJ in 1910!

For boys:

5. Frank

4. James

3. William

2. Joseph

1. John

And for girls back in 1910:

5. Elizabeth

4. Margaret

3. Anna

2. Helen

1. Mary

 (Photo from daniella_caterina, Flickr)