After checking the lists for the U.S. and'd be surprised at the differences in what the most popular boys and girls names are!

Here in America, here are the most popular names:

For boys:

5. Noah

4. Jayden

3. William

2. Mason

1. Jacob

For Girls:

5. Ava

4. Olivia

3. Emma

2. Isabella

1. Sophia

And here are the top baby names in England:

For boys:

5. Charlie

4. Alfie

3. Jack

2. Oliver

1. Harry

And the top baby names for Girls in England:

5. Emily

4. Jessica

3. Lily

2. Olivia

1. Amelia

And I have a prediction to add to both the British and American list: when the 2012/2013 list of most popular baby names comes out, you will find that the names Christian and Anastasia have shot up the charts, now that half the world has read Shades of Grey!